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Cayman Online Registry Information System(CORIS)

Paid Subscription Required

The General Registryís online system is available to service providers licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

It allows users to have remote access to information on companies they are charged to administer, reducing the processing time necessary for registering new companies and servicing existing companies.

Electronic Document Management Services (EDMS) were introduced in September 2009. The services currently available online are for certificates, searches, filing and name checks.

The Registry is also equipped to issue registration certificates reflecting a companyís name in a foreign language.

Click here for more information and to apply for access to CORIS

Caymap Online Mapping

Paid Subscription Required

Caymap provides an interactive map for viewing, printing and searching of Cayman Islands geographic information and land registration data.

Information about parcels such as owner and address can be easily obtained.

These maps can be sent to a printer or exported in a variety of formats. Layers of mapping data can be toggled on and off and, depending on the version of Caymap you purchase, may include information such as roads, buildings, rights of way, property sales, aerial photography, and terrain heights.

Caymap can be accessed from a variety of Website Subscription Packages, many of which come bundled with Registry Document Services.

Click here for more information on online mapping, registry and data services, including package options, prices and how to subscribe.

Immigration Online (IOL)

Registration Required

IOL is a powerful tool that business owners and HR professionals can use to efficiently manage their immigration needs.

The technology will allow you to use a meetings calendar to monitor applications scheduled to be heard by various Immigration Boards. Users can ďdrill-downĒ to see the full details of each application, including status history, meeting & decision detail, financial transactions and dependants.

Comprehensive search, filter and sort functionality allow instant access to current or historical applications.

IOL also makes available business staffing plans, details of mail received by the Department, and cancelled permit information. In addition, content can be exported to spreadsheets, reducing the amount of paper generated by each transaction.

Click here for more information or to apply for access to IOL.

Lands & Survey Online Tools

Online tools allow users to carry out tasks relating to the Land Registry.

These tasks include:

  • calculate the cost of buffer maps based on block & parcel and buffer distance for owner listing, labels (1 set or 5 sets), planning forms, and email listing;
  • produce a report that traces the history of parcel changes;
  • track the status of a Land Registry form that has been submitted; and
  • link a Block to its Registration Section.

National Job Link Portal

Registration Required

A service of the National Workforce Development Agency, the National Job Link Portal connects job seekers with employment opportunities, supports employers as they engage in recruitment activities, and facilitates transparency and accountability in the work permit process.

Bridging the gap between employers and job seekers, this online platform provides an efficient and effective way for employers to share employment opportunities and for job seekers to apply for jobs.

Click here for more information or to apply for access to the Portal as a Job Seeker. Click here for more information or to apply for access to the Portal as a Company/Employer.

Online Planning System (OPS)

Registration Required

An inspection portal for use in Grand Cayman is the first phase of the new Online Planning System (OPS).

Contractors, Construction companies, Architects, Engineers and other design professionals can currently submit inspection requests online, drastically reducing the time to process, execute and document an inspection and speeding up construction projects.

Clients can also track review notes and outcomes, view invoices and payments, and generate and download certificates.

With paperless workflows and automatic notifications, OPS simplifies procedures, increases accountability, and provides users with real-time information all in one place. More features will be launched in 2017.

Click here to request more information or to apply for access to OPS.

Online Vehicle and Driversí Licencing Renewals

ESID Required

To renew a vehicle or driverís licence online, individuals must first collect their e-services identification (ESID) number in person from one of the convenient locations of the Department of Vehicle & Driverís Licencing (DVDL).

To renew a vehicle licence online, the DVDL or an authorised private garage will complete the inspection process and electronically submit details such as valid insurance information.

With your ESID and driverís licence number, you can renew your inspected vehicleís licence or your driverís licence online. Collect your new documents in person or have the vehicle licence mailed to you.

Click here for more information on renewing your vehicle or driverís licence.