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Q: How do I register to use e-services?

A: Some e-services don’t require pre-registration or authorisation. Others require a free user account you can set up online in minutes.

Most applications – which provide a variety of e-services in one place – require you to set up an account with the relevant department. A few of these are on a paid subscription basis.

If you are required to create an account or pay a fee before using an e-service, the agency providing the e-service will manage that process. The table below lists e-services on this portal that require some form of registration or paid subscription. You can also find information about how to start using each service.

Cayman Online Registry Information System (CORIS)The General Registry allows service providers licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to remotely access information on companies they are changed to administer.Paid subscription, Click here for more information
Cayman Online MappingCaymap, an e-service from the Lands & Survey Department, provides an interactive map for viewing, printing and searching of Cayman Islands geographic information and land registration data.Paid subscription, Click here for more information
Immigration Online (IOL)Business owners and HR professionals are able to view and monitor applications before or heard by Immigration Boards, Trade and Business Licences, and Local Company Control Licences.Free user account + offline registration, Click here for more information
National Job Link PortalThe National Workforce Development Agency’s online platform provides an efficient and effective way for a Company to share employment opportunities and a Job Seeker to apply for jobs.Free CIGnet account + online registration, Click here for more information
Online Planning System (OPS)The Department of Planning allows clients to apply for permits online as well as request and track permit-related plan reviews and inspections. Additional features will be available soon, including applying for planning permission.Free user account + online registration + escrow account or credit/debit card for online payment, Click here for more information
Online Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing RenewalsThe Department of Vehicle and Driver’s Licencing allows online renewal of vehicle and driver’s licencing. To renew a vehicle licence, inspection details will be submitted electronically.ESID collected from DVDL branch + e-services account, Click here for more information
Search companies informationThe General Registry’s search feature allows registered users to search for companies information online. There is a fee for each search.Free CIGnet account + credit/debit card for online payment


Q: What is an ESID and how do I get one?

A: This is a unique identifier that will be used in the future to access many new e-services. It can be obtained from any branch of the Department of Vehicle and Driver's Licensing (DVDL). No appointment is necessary; just present your Cayman Islands Driver’s License and you will receive your ESID.


Q:Do I need an ESID?

A: If you have a valid Cayman Islands Driver’s License an ESID has already been assigned to you as a unique individual. Right now, you don’t need to know your ESID unless you want to renew your vehicle or driver’s license online. However, the longer term E-Government strategy calls for the ESID to be used as a unique identifier for other e-services.


Q: What is CIGnet?

CIGnet is the “Cayman Islands Global Network”, the first cross-government infrastructure created to enable delivery of e-services. Anyone can register for an account – including individuals and corporate entities – and then use that to enrol for e-services offered by specific agencies, including many applications you will find on this portal. All you need is a valid email address. Click here for more information about CIGnet or to sign up for an account.

After you have created a CIGnet account, some e-services may require you to register that account with the relevant agency, either online or offline. Please see the table above for more information.


Q: What e-services are currently available?

A: The Cayman Islands Government is hard at work to bring you simple and easy-to-use e-services. Click here for a list of all e-services, which you can browse by category, application or department. More e-services will be available through this portal soon, so look out for information in the local media or here at eservices.gov.ky.


Q:What if I prefer not to pay for services online using a debit or credit card?

A: E-Government provides another option for using services and making payments. Customers have more choice, not less, and you can still access any paid service in person at the relevant department.


Q: Where can I submit a suggestion for improving this portal?

A:Click here to complete our feedback form and please remember to include a valid email address if you would like to receive a response. You can also email eservices@gov.ky with feedback or questions. We encourage all users to rate their experience using this portal and make suggestions of how this site can be improved. We will also launch surveys from time to time to see how we are doing, so please take the time to complete these brief questionnaires when they are available.


Q: What web browser should I use?

A:  You will be able to view and use this portal in most web browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. However, the content may not display properly in older versions of Internet Explorer, so we do not recommend you use that browser for this site.


Q: Can I access e-services using my smartphone or other mobile device?

A: You can browse this portal on your internet-enabled mobile device, including smartphones, iPads and similar. However, you will not be able to use most applications on a mobile device.


Q: How is my information protected?

A: This portal brings together e-services offered by the Cayman Islands Government in one convenient place. However, the E-Government Unit – which maintains this site – does not collect or process any of the information you submit to use these e-services. We use analytics tools to track visits and this site also uses cookies, but you will not be tracked across services.